Median UI Premium Blogger Template

Median UI Premium Blogger Template
Responsive Blogger theme inspired by dashboard UI concept with a more modern look. Median UI is designed with dashboard UI concept, this template is more recommended to be used on news blogs, a simpler design but has a high readability is a plus point in this template.

Menu display is also made different from other templates, carrying 3 column concept where the first column is devoted to navigation menu which can be minimized

Premium Version: V1.5 (tải về phiên bản trả phí) ✓ Yes
Free Version (tải về phiên bản miễn phí) ✗ No
Blogger Template, Blogspot Template dùng để xây dựng wesite và blog ✓ Yes
Thích hợp cho weblog Magazine, tin ức, tạp chí ✗ No
Thích hợp cho weblog bán hàng, shop online ✗ No
Thích hợp cho weblog giới thiệu doanh nghiệp, cá nhân, chủ đề, sản phẩm ✓ Yes
Thích hợp cho weblog cá nhân, chủ đề, nhật ký ✓ Yes
Thiết kế hiện đại đáp ứng tất cả các thiết bị và trình duyệt web của hiện tạiRESPONSIVE

Easy to Customize

We're trying to make this template easier to edit, now you can direcly change the colors via Blogger Theme Designer or Layout menu
  • Primary Color Option
  • SVG Icon
  • Custom Widgets

Fast Loading

Performance is a top priority in templates we make, sites that perform well have many benefits and have more potential to be on first page of search results
  • Loads less than 1 second
  • Search engine optimized
  • Optimized for Speed

Main Features of iMagz Blogger Theme

  • Responsive - Flexible template sizes adjust on every screen as well as neatly arranged layouts by maximizing CSS performance
  • SEO Friendly - Templates have been designed SEO Friendly, starting from breadcrumbs that have been indexed by Google to other markup schemes
  • Easy Customize - It's easy to change color, width or font via Blogger Theme Designer including widget settings on Layout menu
  • Ads Optimize - Adsense ad slots are provided that are ready to use in locations with high click rates
  • Fast Loading - Optimized by reducing size of templates such as compressing CSS and Javascript for faster loading
  • Mobile First - Designed with a mobile view first, its appearance is made more user friendly
  • Cross Browser Compatible - Supports various different browsers such as chrome, firefox etc

What will you get?

  • Support - You get 1 month of full support after purchase regarding template install issues and more
  • Updates - You will get updates forever, provided you don't distribute this template for free
  • All theme version - Purchased bundle package contains all versions of the template including AMP version
  • Personal license - Templates can only be used by one person (who bought the template), they cannot be used by other people

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